Professional Negotiating Skills

It is important when trading globally to understand CULTURE in order to develop long term partnerships and personal relationships that bond the two parties together.

Many factors will affect the final price and each supplier may approach their quotation differently.

1. Price Negotiation

2. Order Quantity / Sample

3. Product Specification

4. Product Packaging and Packing

5. Trading Terms

6. Lead Time

7. Delivery Terms



You need to calculate your own risk by the value of the shipments you order and decide if you need insurance.

o Marine Transit Insurance

When you import from another country (like China) the goods you have ordered and purchased travel a great distance to arrive at your door. The supplier will deliver your order to the port / destination as per the terms of the negotiation. During this time the goods are at your risk.

– There is no recourse on the supplier in China or other countries for goods damaged in-transit,

– Shipping lines accept no liability for containers damaged or lost during the voyage or loading of the ship.

Even though the occurrence may seem rare, when your container is damaged or lost it will be a significant loss to you.

We fully recommend Marine Transit Insurance to anyone importing.

o Product Liability Insurance

When you are an importer of goods into Australia you are deemed to be ‘The Manufacturer’ of those goods under Australian Consumer Law. This means you are fully responsible for any injury, damage or loss that occurs from the use of the products you have imported.

We fully recommend Product Liability Insurance to anyone importing goods into Australia.


“The Incoterms® rules are an internationally recognized standard and are used worldwide in international and domestic contracts for the sale of goods.”

(International Chamber of Commerce)