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TRADEEX is a family business providing sourcing advice service in fleet or personal GPS Tracker in Australia.

We offer a full importing solution from factory direct product sourcing consultant or purchasing consultant and specialist to purchasing and supply chain management to quality control, logistics, customs clearance and through to local delivery to your door step. TradeEx makes your GPS tracker products in Australia easy to obtain. TradeEx can source almost any products required.

At TradeEx, we are highly customer and long term relationship focused with our clients and suppliers. Our clients see us as an extension to their team and resources which helps them to have access to services such as purchasing and supply chain management usually reserved for larger companies.

Whatever your product or application, TradeEx will be happy to discuss it with you. With more than 12 years of experience in domestic markets and 5 years in international trade, John, our business consultant and business sourcing specialist, will provide you with the best sourcing advice service suitable for your fleet or personal GPS tracker in Australia.

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GPS Tracker Australia